Back when I knew it all (2008-CD)

These guys are more and more in the Southern Rock way, maybe since they played at the Crossroads show with Lynyrd Skynyrd some years ago. However they always play some commercial New Country (they need money !), but honestly it’s a great album from the bad boys from Kentucky !
In their musical approach, Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry can be enjoyed by many different generations of music fans. We often can see parents and kids at their shows. They cleverly mix different influences, just like Bob Rock for instance, with New Country and Southern Rock roots, and they get an efficient cocktail that bring them to be more and more famous in the United States. It’s also a problem for us because it means it will be hard to see them one day in Europe.
So we just can get the albums and it’s a good thing. This new album is really good from the beginning with ‘Big Revival’. The introduction is surprising but soon we get great vocals, a slide guitar, nice choruses, and a wonderful production to a very high level. And what can we say about this extraordinary ‘Long Line of Losers’, they are at the top of the New Country. Then with ‘One in every Crowd’, it’s a kind of Lynyrd Skynyrd revival, and with ‘Look Some More’ and ‘I pick my Parties’ we get some heavy songs full of feelings.
They sure are the best musicians in that kind of music. I am sure of this !

John Molet



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