Living Dangerously (CD-2006)


1 - Your Smile
2 - Heart & Soul
3 - Living Dangerously
4 - Summerwind
5 - RonReeKay
6 - Rabbit Got The Gun
7 - Pour Me Another Tall One
8 - Song For Debby
9 - One Last Set
10 - Summerwind For Lauren

Dan "Dangerous" Toler - electric & acoustic guitars
Ron "Scary" Gary - piano, synths, vocals & percussion
Ed Zinner – electric & acoustic guitars, vocals & percussion
Avon Lucas – bass & midi bass
Taylor Caldwell - organ, vocals & synths
John McKnight - drums, vocals & percussion
Tony Green - vocals & percussion
Floyd Miles - vocals & percussion
Guests:Tony Perrino – organ (Living Dangerously, Summerwind, Pour Me Another Tall One)
John Shaffer – harmonica (Summerwind For Lauren)
David "Frankie" Toler – drums (Living Dangerously, Song For Debby)
Viktor Krauss - upright bass (Summerwind, Summerwind For Lauren)

Dan Toler is, in these moments, very busy. He recently played with the ‘Brothers of the Southland’, worked with John Townsend his old pal from the Gregg Allman and Friends, a project that Jacques Dersigny enjoyed here in May 2008.
We just forget to talk about his last project, TGZ, where we could find Dan, the Southern guitarist Ed Zinner, and the jazz piano player Ron Gary, who played songs of these three friends. We wanted to talk about this reunion album, published in 2006. To try to compare, this CD is close to Johnny Neel & the Criminal Element one, even if we just get here more beautiful ballads, with jazz Rock influences but close to the melody. This album begins strongly with ‘Your Smile’ and its wonderful double lead guitar intro, but we also can talk about the sweet ‘Heart and Soul’, the very beautiful ‘Summerwind’, a little bit like the Allman ‘Blue Sky’, and the instrumental on guitar, piano and harmonica ‘Summerwind For Lauren’. The only cover of the album is the blues song ‘Rabbit Got The Gun’, powerful and swinging. Great work !
Then Dan offers us an instrumental title ‘Song For Debby’ and Ron Gary gives a typical jazz-rock title ‘One Last Set’. And don’t forget ‘Ron Reekay’, a jazz-rock on an island rhythm, and ‘Pour Me Another Tall One’ a bluesy song that tries to make a combination of all these different styles. All this gives a beautiful album, with a great work on it, a rich production and nice arrangements, that all the fans of Sea Level, Oteil Burbridge and The Yonrico Scott Band, and obviously Johnny Neel, will sure enjoy. For the other musical fans, you are allowed to listen to that music, especially if you enjoy the ballads. At the end, we just can ask ourselves : will Dan Toler find its real way and will he find a stable formula where he could fully express himself?

Yves Philippot-Degand


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