Live From Texas (2008-DVD)

1 - Got Me Under Pressure
2 - Waitin' For The Bus
3 - Jesus Just Left Chicago
4 - I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide
5 - Pin Cushion
6 - Cheap Sunglasses
7 - Pearl Necklace
8 - Heard It On The X
9 - Just Got Paid
10 - Rough Boy
11 - Blue Jean Blues
12 - Gimme All Your Lovin'
13 - Sharp Dressed Man
14 - Legs
15 - Tube Snake Boogie
16 - La Grange
17 - Tush

We didn’t receive that dvd, and we just can talk about it now that it is a number one at the selling top ten. We can be happy for them and ask ourselves that about the influence of the Internet copies. So however, we just can say that when people want to buy a cd or a dvd, they sure do buy it and don’t download it !
So a dvd from our Texan guy is a rare product, after more than thirty years on stage and thousands of shows. Maybe Bill, Dusty and Franck thought that a ZZ Top show is only good to be seen at the concert hall, not in front of a screen. So we just get here a special event for everybody, but the real fans didn’t really wait for it to enjoy the band. They sure waited for it fifteen years earlier, now they just saw so many bootleg shows that there is no more surprise.
So however we won’t be disappointed. I just prefer the extra features, like ‘Poker Game’ a conversation between the three musicians about gambling and money. Bill, Dusty and Franck talk about their lives, the scene, Texas, the Blues, Muddy Waters etc… I’ve watched after the time before the show, when the roadies prepare the stage, the guitar technicians, the fans, and everything down the stage before the show. Then I’ve watched the bonus songs, Jimi Hendrix ‘Foxy Lady’… So about the concert, "Got me under pressure", followed by "Waitin for the bus" and "Jesus just left Chicago", it’s not so bad ! So I won’t say more, everybody knows that it finished with ‘La Grange’ and ‘Tush’ !

John Molet


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