Farewell Tour 1 Live from Melbourne

Musicians : Glen Frey - guitar & vocals Joe Walsh - guitar & vocals Timothy B. Schmit - bass & vocals Don Henley - drums & vocals

Titles :

DVD 1 : 1.The Long Run 2.New Kid In Town 3.Wasted Time: a) Wasted Time b) Wasted Time (Reprise) 4.Peaceful Easy Feeling 5.I Can't Tell You Why 6.One Of These Nights 7.One Day At A Time 8.Lyin' Eyes 9.The Boys Of Summer 10.In The City 11.Already Gone 12.Silent Spring (Intro) 13.Tequila Sunrise 14.Love Will Keep Us Alive 15.No More Cloudy Days 16.Hole In The World 17.Take It To The Limit 18.You Belong To The City 19.Walk Away 20.Sunset Grill

DVD 2 : 1.Life's Been Good 2.Dirty Laundry 3.Funk #49 4.Heartache Tonight 5.Life In The Fast Lane 6.Hotel California 7.Rocky Mountain Way 8.All She Wants To Do Is Dance 9.Take It Easy 10.Desperado

Here is a world and essential issue, the new Eagles dvd. So, as usually with this band, we are always close to perfection (it is quite too clean !!), and this show, recorded in Australia in November 2004, offers us 29 songs (on 2 dvds), all this songs being big hits that the Eagles created in their long career. They begin this the great 'The Long Run', that is a good one to start such a show. Songs such as 'I can't Tell You Why', 'Love will keep us Alive', etc… are very perfect for the quality of the interpretation of Timothy B. Schmit, Glenn Frey, Don Henley and Joe Walsh (The Eagles today), and we can appreciate the really good versions of 'All Ready Gone', 'Take it to the Limit' and 'Hotel California' (obviously) too. It is important to note the presence and the quality of the other musicians, the two keyboardists Will Hollis and Michael Thomson, the drummer Scott Drago and especially the wonderful guitarist Stuart Smith that makes a real extraordinary work, especially on some choruses and guitar parts. What can we say more about this so famous issue, maybe I can tell that 'Heartache Tonight', 'Take it Easy', 'Desperado' and especially the really moving 'Hole in the World' are my favourite songs, but they are in a so high level that my tastes are not really important ! John Molet

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