Live at the Apollo Theatre
(CD 2007)

Musicians :
Stefan Kossman - guitar & vocals
Torsten Kossman - guitar
Emil Renner - guitar
Matthias Popp - bass
Michael Schneiderbanger - drums
Kathrin Saalfrank - background vocals
Sabine Kossman - background vocals

Titles :
1 - Better You Hide
2 - Big Apple
3 - Edge Of Sundown
4 - Mam Told Me
5 - Damn Good Band From Dixieland
6 - Tuesday's Gone
7 - I Pray
8 - Shot Down
9 - Ghost Train From Georgia
10 - The Revenge
11 - Sailor
12 - A Bottle Of Booze
13 - Horse In Flame

Southern Rock is still alive because of bands such as Flatman whose musicians are real fans and do their best to keep that music alive. Today, if the big bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, Doc Hollyday and the others always get a great notoriety, maybe it’s because of this kind of bands enthusiastic work !
Like other Southern bands such as Lizard, Nocturne Band, The Cell, Calibre 12, Natchez, Plug n’ Play, etc… Flatman do enjoy to play his music live on stage. When we listen to their music, we can see some places of the South of the United States !
With this live album, Flatman do the usual thing, their own songs and some famous covers. That’s why we can get Flatman songs like ‘Better You Hide’, ‘Mama Told Me’, ‘The Revenge’, ‘Horse In Flames’ and the excellent ‘A Bottle Of Booze’, with the famous covers ‘Big Apple’, ‘Edge Of Sundown’, ‘Sailor’ (Molly Hatchet), ‘Tuesday’sGone’ (Skynyrd) and even Grinderswitch’s ‘Ghost Train From Georgia’.
Most of the time, Flatman tries to get a musical mix between the classical cover and their original version (especially on choruses). As we can see that they are faithful to what they believe, we just can support Flatman and all those bands to keep on playing their music full of passion !

John Molet

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