Musicians :
Brian Flynn - lead vocals
Brent Flynn - guitar, slide guitar & background vocals
Jeremy Patterson - rhythm guitar
Tim Beeler - bass
Tommy Bales - drums & percussion

Titles :
1 - Last Good Time
2 - Nowhere Than Somewhere
3 - Truck Stop In The Sky
4 - Tequila Sheila
5 - Baby's In Black
6 - Tell Mama
7 - Redneck Side Of Me
8 - High On The Mountain
9 - Red Nekkid
10 - Honky Tonk Jail

If their look, at first sight, don’t fit to their musical style, we mustn’t reject those New Country Rock musicians. They deserve our attention. Build around the Flynn brothers, this band offers us a beautiful Blues, Country and Big Rock music.
First, we can notice the different influences they got, like Hank Williams Jr on ‘Last Good Time’, and Montgomery & Gentry on ‘Nowhere than Somewhere’. However Flynville Train won’t change Music history and they are right to play what they want to do. On that first album we can note the special Southern Rock atmosphere on ‘Redneck Side Of Me’ and ‘High On The Mountain’, and a beautiful Savoy Brown cover ‘Tell Mama’. As we could read on the net, I bet that Flynville Train will soon be famous in Nashville,
and it is a great new for our French ears !

John Molet

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