The Storm (2007)

As Travis already told, this album is a little bit different of the previous one. And we can feel that evolution as soon as the beginning, first notes on ‘Mudcat Moan Prelude’/’You Never Take Me Dancing’ let hope some real Country atmospheres, but soon the drums show that it will be different. However we don’t think this recording is not as good as Travis other albums, but it seems that he tried to play in the actual way, and it is different of the usual Travis work. I do prefer his Country-Southern Rock music, but every one can choose and prefer his own choice. There are great Blues parts too on ‘Doesn’t The Good Outweigh The bad’ and ‘Somehow, Somewhere, Someway’ (like Stevie Ray), or Soul/Rhythm n’ Blues on ‘Rub Off On Me’ or ‘The Storm’.
Happily we get some great ballads ‘I Don’t Know How I Got By’ or ‘What If Love Hangs On’ with Rob Thomas and Richard Marx as special guests show a little commercial orientation. So, even if this album is respectable, we are far away from ‘Ten Feet Tall And Bullet Proof’ or ‘Trouble’.. but, however, c’est la vie !

John Molet

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