25 Absolutely Live (2008)

Bruce Brookshire - lead vocals & lead guitar
John Samuelson - lead guitar
Eddie Stone - keyboards
Daniel Bud Ford - bass
Danny "Cadillac" Lastinger - drums

1 - Ain't No Fool
2 - Never Another Night
3 - Fire On The Mountain
4 - A Good Woman Is Hard To
5 - Southern Man
6 - Run For Your Life
7 - It Suits Me Too
8 - Highway Call
9 - Redneck Rock & Roll Band
10 - I'm A Rocker
11 - Lonesome Guitar
12 - Born To Be Wild


We were waiting for so long for this DVD (many time already delayed), and now you‘ll have to wait a little bit more, we just get the cd for now on ! A live recording on different 2006 tour shows in Germany, that gives us some Southern Rock basis.
As soon as begins the first song ‘Ain’t No Fool’ (one of the best Bruce Brookshire song), I only can think : “Here we have one of the best Southern bands”, it’s obvious but I want to be sure that everybody knows that. Many Southern music fans know that and, like me, have always asked themselves why that band (like Point Blank) didn’t get as famous as he deserved. That’s only history, we can’t write it again…
Back to ‘Ain’t No Fool’ with a great Eddie Stone on keyboards and a nice guitar final with John Turner Samuelson and Bruce Brookshire ! Then, ‘Never Another Night’ (another song from the first album), a different song but I do enjoy it and it’s one of my favourite songs. Then we get a great moment of this album with the Marshall Tucker Band cover ‘Fire on the Mountain’. Bruce Brookshire has always enjoyed playing some great Southern covers (‘Simple Man’, ‘Trudy’, etc…) with a particular intro and a very moving cover. This song is a real Southern music song and a witness of that time that every Southern Rock fans will sure enjoy. There are other great moments on ‘Southern Man’, ‘Highway Call’, ‘Redneck Rock n’ Roll Band’ and the fabulous ‘Lonesome Guitar’, that confirm that, even is they didn’t played a lot these last years, Doc Holliday is always today a real example and a true Southern Rock music great band !
The party is over with the Rock n’ Roll ‘I’m a Rocker’ and the famous bikers hymn ‘Born to be Wild’. What a good moment to be able to listen to such a great new cd !
John Molet

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