Hellsingland Underground (2008)

Charlie Granberg - lead vocals & harmonica
Mats Olsson - lead guitar & background vocals
Peter Henriksson - lead guitar & background vocals
Mathias Stenson - piano & organ
Martin Karlsson - bass
Patrik Jansson - drums & percussion


1 - Ill Wind
2 - Shadow Of The Old You
3 - Slipping Through The Hands
Of Time
4 - Northern Country Boy
5 - Ljusnan Riverside Jam
6 - Child Of Another Time
7 - Blue Mountain Blues
8 - Hard Falls
9 - Lost In The Woods
10 - God Only Knows

A wind of change coming from Sweden arrives on the old South and is going to wake it up. This madness is called Hellsingland Underground , six great musicians with unwrittable names, one of the best European bands. These guys have understood everything in that kind of music taught by the Allman Brothers teachers. Great music at every moment. There are ten songs on that album, and it is beautiful from the beginning until the end : ‘I’ll Wind’ to begin, full of feeling, a ballad with ‘Shadow of the Old You’, Outlaws and Marshall Tucker atmosphere on ‘Slipping Through the hands of Time’ and ‘Northern Country Boy’ and an Allman Brothers instrumental song on ‘Ljusman Riverside Jam’, then we go to the West Coast music with ‘Lost in the Woods’ with Neil Young shadow just behind.
This real great band reminds me of Sky Dog, an old group published in 1974 (‘Just Want to Make You Happy’ on Paw Records Sky 5336 Label), that every Allman Brothers fan will sure enjoy. You have to order Hellsingland Underground album to Santa Claus, to get a better end of 2008.
Jacques Dersigny


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