Live Loreley (DVD – 2008)

Loreley Festival 1996 :
1 - Workin' For MCA
2 - I Ain't The One
3 - Down South Jukin'
4 - Double Trouble
5 - I Know A Little
6 - Saturday Night Special
7 - Swamp Music
8 - What's Your Name
9 - That Smell
10 - Simple Man
11 - Gimme Three Steps
12 - Call Me The Breeze
13 - Sweet Home Alabama
14 - Free Bird
Hamburg 1974 :
15 - Workin' For MCA
16 - Free Bird
17 - Sweet Home Alabama

Some production companies like Eagle Rock just buy the rights to be able to product some live DVDs of shows only broadcasted on TV before, and we only just can thank them for that. The right example is this Lynyrd Skynyrd show recorded for the Rockpalast show on a German TV, where Lynyrd Skynyrd was back in Europe at the Loreley Festival, a great moment in a kind of Rory Gallagher tribute. Molly Hatchet, Nine Below Zero, the Band and many other bands were present at this festival that was a very Blues Rock one !
Most of all the Skynyrd fans know this concert, but on this DVD we can get some interesting bonus. Just remember that on the 23rd of June 1996, it is the presentation of a new Skynyrd line-up, with the new and old Rickey Medlocke just at the side of the missing Hughie Thomasson, a great moment in the Southern story ! The most famous of the Southern band plays all his better songs (Workin’ for MCA, I Know A Little, That Smell, Simple Man, Sweet Home Alabama and the unforgettable Free Bird) and it becomes obvious for every one that a new Lynyrd Skynyrd is born this evening, with a new great audience to conquer. It’s obvious today that they made it, and we all are happy ! As I just told, we get here some interesting bonus, like three songs of the first Lynyrd Skynyrd Rockpalast in 1974, Workin’ For MCA, Sweet Home Alabama and Free Bird… Yeahhh, it’s nice to be able to watch this in a great quality !! Indispensable for every Southern Rock fan (and for the others too!)
John Molet

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