A Mountain Dance

1  Lonesome  Whistie
2  Heaven (What i call my Mountain Home)
3  Take  my  Back
4  in  a Month  or  so
5  Georgia  Bound

Here a great sunshine for all those who enjoy the great country rock guitars harmonies, with no ending solos, full of emotions, that used to play bands such as the Outlaws, Henry Paul Band, Winters Bros Band, Dave Chastain Band and obviously the famous Charlie Daniels. Buck ‘n Wing from Bellaire, Ohio, six old musicians, two guitars and a rhythm guitar, gives us five nice songs, with a clear and precise sound. First song, Lonesome Whistle, a little bit just like the Henry Paul Band, then we get Heaven (What I Call My Mountain Home), classical Southern Country Rock, then Take Me Back, a great laid back song. The two last songs, In A Month Or So and Georgia Bound have guitars sounds in a clearly 100% famous Southern tradition, not too many notes, only the good ones, close to the famous Illinois bands The David Chastain Band and The Roadside Band. Just push play on your cd driver and you can get this really nice moment of happiness, five songs it’s too short !
Jacques Dersigny

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