Road of Life (2008)

Cody Cannon - lead vocals & acoustic guitar
Cody Tate - lead & rhythm guitar, vocals
John Jeffers - rhythm & lead Guitar, vocals
Gary Brown - bass
Jeff Hogg - drums

1 - Thief Of Hearts
2 - Kyle Hope
3 - Gone Away
4 - Lonely East TX Nights
5 - Hippie's Lament
6 - Road Of Life
7 - Melancholy Blues
8 - Goodbye Girl
9 - Summer 2005
10 - American Outlaws
11 - Nobody Knows Her Name
12 - Russell's Song
13 - Tya

I didn’t know this Whiskey Myers album and I just discovered it on many different Southern Rock websites. This album begins with ‘Thief of Hearts’ and ‘Kyle Hope’, and for me it is close to the band Cross Canadian Ragweed. Whiskey Myers biography on the Internet tells that they come from Texas, they enjoy the Country music but don’t stay prisoner of any particular music style. It is interesting and we often can find this particularity with some young musicians and on this album ! I won’t talk about every song but titles like ‘Road of Life’ (looking like ‘Can’t You See’), or ‘American Outlaws’ show that this group is a new good band arrived in 2008 !
John Molet

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