Skeletons in the Close (2010)


1 Rise Up
2 Muddy Waters
3 White Picket Fence
4 Hard Times at Ridgemont High
5 Quick Silver
6 Skeletons in the Closet
7 Daisy Chain
8 Borrowed Freedom
9 Cracks
10 Running with The Rebels

Billy Crain is one of the Southern guitarists that deserve a better fame. Even if his name is not as famous as Duane Allman, Dickey Betts or Warren Haynes, the man who took the place of the great Hughie Thomasson in the Outlaws is, with his brother Tommy, irrefutably a famous musician in the Southern Rock world. With his brother, he is a guitarist of the seventies who has brought a lot to this kind of music!

Looking at Billy Crain career, we can see that he worked a lot, as a musician and also as a song-writer. He began his musical career with the “Flat Creek Band”, a band with the Allman Brothers roots, then at the beginning of the eighties he was a major musician in the “Henry Paul Band”, and today he has taken the place of the famous Hughie Thomasson in the Outlaws! We also can say that he has written songs for some famous Country music musicians, such as Dickie Chicks, Poco, Martina Mc Bride, etc…

So, when this man decides to make his own album, we are obliged to come and give an ear to his work. On this album, we can discover another Billie Crain, a little bit different of his job in the Outlaws. His album is very close to the man he is. We get a real Country sound but with his own touch. So we get a very simple but great music, especially on titles such as White Picket Fence (close to Christine Mc Vie and Stevie Nicks’ Fleetwood Mac) and Muddy Waters (just looks like Tom Petty). So the relation to Country music is sometimes not so close, but when Billy Crain plays the guitar on Quick Silver or on Daisy Chain, it becomes obvious that he is a real Southern Rock musician! And he sings very well too! So what can we ask for more? We just hope to be lucky to see him on stage in our country one of these days!

John Molet

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