Greatest Hits live cd/dvd (2009)

For those who don’t know Blackhawk, we can introduce them as a kind of cool version of the Outlaws, with a sound of Country music a lot of vocals parts. Henry Paul has created that band in the 90’s for the American audience and it has been a success for a while. Now the economic situation has changed and Henry Paul is back in the Outlaws and tries to keep alive those two bands with quite the same musicians (except Mikael Randall instead of Billy Crain on the acoustic guitar). With the exception of this particular situation, we can enjoy the different kind of music of these bands, especially with this Greatest Hits live.

I honestly prefer the Outlaws, but I did enjoy that show ! This concert was really remarkable, with great vocal harmonies, good electric interventions of Chris Anderson and a powerful rhythm section (Randy Threet-Monte Yoho). Even in the cool Country music, we can enjoy the quality of the arrangements. So with good songs such as Goodbye Say It All, Love Like This, I’m not so Strong or the moving Postmarked Birmingham, we can enjoy Henry Paul voice, even if he’s no more so young, and his particular and great way of singing. This show ends this the fabulous That’s Just About Right and Big Guitar, and really gives us the wish to see them on stage in Europe soon, the Outlaws or Blackhawk… or both of them !

John Molet

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