Redemption (2010)

There are so many Country Rock bands in the USA, that it’s hard sometimes to listen to everything that comes from Nashville or from other places where this kind of music is famous. That’s why we sometimes are obliged to choose and to focus only on what we have decided to keep. That’s what I’ve done with this new Flyinville Train album, a band from Indiana I already discovered with their first album in 2007. This group has influences in Country Rock and in Southern Rock too, and that’s why, I think, I enjoy them so much ! Flyinville Train members always say they come from the blue collar class and that their music come from the traditional American farmers !When you listen to “Home” or “The One You Love”, there are close from Lynyrd Skynyrd or Montgomery & Gentry, who are obviously their main influences ! There are some great Rock n’ Roll songs, such as “Turn Left” or “Scratch Me Where I’m Itchin’”, and that’s the originality of Flyinville Train.

I’ve heard maybe they will play at the Craponne-sur-Arzon Country Festival in 2011.
If it is confirmed, you have to be there that evening !

John Molet

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