Madness & Grace (2010)


Charlie Granberg - vocals & harmonica
Mats Olsson - guitar & vocals
Peter Henriksson - guitar & vocals
Martin Karlsson - bass
Mathias Stensson - piano & organ
Patrick Jansson - drums & percussion


1 - The Spark That Never Dies
2 - Shuffle Day To Day
3 - Forever Damned
4 - Vera
5 - Church Bells Through The Valley
6 - Stickin' With You
7 - Diabolic Greetings From The Woods
8 - Full Buck Moon
9 - Debauchery
10 - A Short Time In The Sun
11 - Poor Boy
12 - Madness & Grace

As I’m a traditional carpenter, I prefer Hellsingland kind of wood than IKEA, because their music is true, authentic and I can assure that Hellsingland is one of the best European group able to gather Southern Rock with Country, Rock, Folk and sometimes Progressive touches. Obviously, the pure Southern Rock fans will sure say that they aren’t hard enough, but when you listen to their second album you should enjoy it, a little bit less Allman Bros, but with more laid-back Country Folk, a little bit Americana Bottle style. Songs such as “Stickin’ With You” are close to Jupiter Coyote, but we have some serious titles like “Forever Damned”, “Debauchery” and the very good “Poor Boy” and “Madness & Grace” who remind us of their first album a little bit more Southern. Don’t forget the beautiful instrumental “Diabolic Greetings From The Woods”, a mix of the Allman and Middle-Age progressive music, just like .38 Special “Robin Hood”, a great song on that great album.

Jacques Dersigny

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