Vol. 3: Ice Road Trucker (2010)

Titles :

01. Ice Road Trucker (Johnny Neel)
02. Ready To Roll (Greg Crowe)
03. The Real McCoy (Gm Paterson)
04. Lot Lizard Boogie (Jan McCarter)
05 .Big Sky (Neil Carswell)
06. Honky Tonk Cowboy (Donnie Roberson)
07. Trick My Truck (Louder House Project)
08. Winding Road (Steve Cohen)
09. Carolina (Johnny Neel)
10. Hell Bound (Joey Durham)
11. The Black Top (Gm Paterson)
12. Draggin' My Wagon (Jan McCarter)
13. Zydeco (Shane Theriot)

Third part of the truckers compilation, and we get her a Country orientation, even with a good part of Boogie. Why not, it’s a cd for the road !

Three musicians have the right to play two songs : Johnny Neel begins with “Ice Road Trucker”, a great and heavy Southern song, and “Carolina” back to the roots (even if Johnny Neel comes from Delaware, and between Daryl Burgess, Johnny Neel, Doug Jones, Joanna Cotton, or Angie Russell who has written the lyrics ?).

The other favourites are Gm Peterson with a good New Country title “The Real Mc Coy” with some particular eastern violins in the middle, and a groovy and strong “The Black Top”, and the only woman Jan McCarter in a slide and punchy Country music on “Draggin’ My Wagon” and “Lot Lizard Boogie”.

The other songs are in the New Country way, with the exception of Joey Durham’s “Hell Bound”, a Rock song full of fever with a wonderful slide guitar.

The album ends with an instrumental song, in a special way with an accordion solo.

All these songs worth to be listen to and are gathered here for what they are : this album will join us on the road. So why don’t you listen to this compilation ?

Y. Philippot-Degand

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