Evil Will Prevail (2012)

Musicians :
Charlie Granberg - lead vocals & harmonica
Mats Olsson - guitar & background vocals
Peter Henriksson - guitar & background vocals
Martin Karlsson – bass
Henning Winnberg - piano & organ
Patrick Jansson - drums & percussion

01 - Singing While The World Dies
02 - The Lost River Band
03 - Evil Will Prevail
04 - Black Clouds On The Horizon
05 - You Shine The Dark Away
06 - King Of Nothing
07 - In The Evening
08 - Midsummer's Wreath Meltdown
09 - I Just Don't Believe In Love
10 - They All Grew Old While I Grew Young

The Swedish sestet Hellsingland Underground amuses us for their third album Evil Will Prevail, a dashed sound music. Well of course your sagacity will tell me : not very Southern, far from the sleigh Skynyrd/Hatchet/Blackfoot, but we have to admit that sometimes their tunes alternate different types in an Americana style, folk rock with Neil Young and Dylan accents, then as far as we are concerned their sound gets a strong influence of dominant harmony guitars loaded with a kind of Southern heat with the Allman Bros trademark and boosted by a Wishbone Ash-like progressive formula. To be completely honest with you, I will tell you about the best, about what predominate in four tunes that deserve solid eulogies.
So after forgetting all about some routine tracks fitted to the today's instrumental flavours, what gives a long-lasting desire to get Evil Will Prevail is the second tune « The Lost River Band », major piece, a real guitar hurly-burly with a change of groove coloured psyche prog in the middle of the tune, to restart in a real merry-go-round worthy of the ‘’guitar army’’. Some colourful, with some good Dickey Betts clichés, on « In The Evening » will delight you. Also « Midsummer’s Wreath Meltdown » is amplified with Southern sound, then to finish some sparkling on « The All Grew Old While I Grew Young », a long composition with a remarkable lyric beauty. Everything's there : it begins with a Dylanian folk arpeggio, to get higher over time, and a soundly gust will beat down on you via the harmony guitars, with a breathtaking precision, this has the impact of the tune « The Prize » from the band The Blend on the album Anytime Delight released by MCI in 1979. The Hellsingland CD deserve your large attention despite of some sanitized moments, comforting and quiet ,that move with the time.
Jacques Dersigny
Trad. : Y. Philippot-Degand

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