Big Road (2012)

Musicians :
Robert Killian : Lead Vocals
Christopher Berner : Guitars
Volker Dorfler : Guitars
Ralf Mende : Bass, Vocals
Klaus Brosowski : Keyboards
Helmut Kipp : Drums, Percussions
Wolfgang “Hank” Rosner : Drums, Percussions

01 Loser
02 I Must Be Dreaming
03 Big Road
04 Wild Child
05 Rainbow
06 Movin’ On
07 Falling
08 Mercy Me9 Worry No More
10 No Matter How I Try
11 No Goodbyes Today
12 Walking

Lizard, locomotive of the European ‘’Southern’’, comes back to us, despite the dramatic disappearance of Georg Bayer, its genitor, composer, singer. To manage this damned bad luck, the still in place line-up Dorfner-Berner-Brosowski-Kipp has found a talented vocalist, Ruben Killian, who brings a cooler horizon by his more flowing, less rough than Georg's voice. The band, keeping the vocals of its new frontman as a reference, gets more ethereal, even courting the country folk with the title « Falling ». However I reassure you the ‘’Southern Rock’’ is really present, and in one heel of a way, with the boogies « I Must Be Dreaming » and « Mercy Me », then we go on with some upmarket ‘’Southern Country Blues’’, that spreads over the titles « No Matter How I Try » and « No Goodbye Today ». And what would be a ‘’Southern Rock Band’’ without its instrumental ? Lizard hold to the rule with « Walking », an Allmanian delight in tribute to Georg Bayer. The buddy Bruce Brookshire is also present and co-writes three titles. Now that the Lizard's tail has grown back with this very good Big Road, let's hope that it brings it out in the stores.
Jacques Dersigny
Trad. : Y. Philippot-Degand

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