It’s About Pride (2012)

Henry Paul - rhythm guitar & vocals
Chris Anderson - lead guitar & vocals
Billy Crain - lead guitar & vocals
Randy Threet - bass & vocals
Monte Yoho - drums & percussion
Dave Robbins - keyboards & vocals

01 - Tomorrow's Another Night
02 - Hidin' Out In Tennessee
03 - It's About Pride
04 - Born To Be Bad
05 - Last Ghost Town
06 - Nothin' Main About Main Street
07 - The Flame
08 - Trail Of Tears
09 - Right Where I Belong
10 - Alex's Song
11 - Trouble Rides A Fast Horse
12 - So Long

The Outlaws' great come back comes true probably with the official release of this It's About Pride. Admittedly, a part of the tunes cut in this album was here on "Demos", a last year pre-released recording, but that logically doesn't have all the qualitative ingredients of the official CD that brings out today ! In other words, it's a real pleasure for the‘’Country Southern Rock’’ fans to meet again one of the biggest representatives of the brotherhood. And even if at a certain time Hughie logically wished to harden the ‘’Southern Rock’’ side of the band, we can notice that the band's trademark is still today hyper present. We simply would have wished that he also could be associated to the appreciations that result from this album...
Well, this being so, the present today is really Henry Paul, Monte Yoho and other Outlaws. It begins with « Tomorrow 's Another Night », a title that personnifies well the Outlaws and that got an hyper enthusiast welcome for it's played live, in particular during the Simple Man Cruise 2010. What kind of warmth, this vocal intro, a concept dear to this legendary band ! As for the guitar final of Chris Anderson and Billy Crain... Wouah what a class ! It seems obvious that the Outlaws have to take back their place on the highest steps of the Southern Rock, overall as we listen to this magnificent « It's About Pride » and that we dissect it. « It's About Pride », a title that refers in particular to the great moments of the ‘’Southern Rock’’ past, this pride that then dwelt in those big stars of the time and that today seems to be each day more relative. From « Fire On The Moutain » or « Can't You See » including « Sweet Home Alabama », it was nothing pretentious, just a real pride in the best sens of the word ! Musically, and even it's a ballad, this tune gives off such a powerful impression that each time I listen to it I have thrills, and as the final chorus part starts, well, I won't tell you... Chris and Billy pick up the torch to land on a ‘’double lead’’ that each time puts me spaced out... It's crazy but yet true ! So there, it's surely a superb album that the Outlaws give us here, with tunes like « Born To Be Bad » (sung by Chris Anderson), the fabulous « Last Ghost Town », the very southern « Trail Of Tears », or the wonderful version of « So Long ».  The ‘’Rebels’’ can very serenely see the future, and if they had the idea to come and make a little tour in Europe (via France) in the next future, we surely won't be mad with them !
John Molet
Trad. : Y. Philippot-Degand

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