Goin' down South


Tom Gray - vocals, steel guitar, piano, dulcimer Mark Johnson - guitar, mando guitar Gina Leigh - vocals Jon Schwenke - bass Scott Callison - drums Additional musicians : Vassar Clement - fiddle Mike Auldridge - dobro

Titles :

1- That's It 2 - I Want To Go 3 - Dreams Come Real 4 - Stone Cold Man 5 - Goin' Down South 6 - Poplar Grove 7 - All She Wrote
8 - Nightclubbing 9 - Shake Somethin' Loose 10 - I'll Die Trying 11 - Nobody Knows

This band from Atlanta offers us a cool but rich blues-rock music, especially because of Tom Gray and Mark Johnson gifts, the two guitarists give us beautiful feelings with their slide guitars and bring a special and very interesting colour to Delta Moon music. We also not the very beautiful Kristin Markiton voice, who sometimes looks like Christine McVie (Fleetwood Mac), Shaun Murphy (Little Feat) or Bonnie Raitt. On this album Kristin shares the vocals with Gray. When I listen to 'Stone Cold man' or 'Shake Something Loose', I do prefer the feminine vocals. A new live album of Delta Moon is just out now 'Howlin' where the band brings his way of playing the blues to a higher level !
John Molet

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