something heavy


Michael B. Smith - lead vocals & guitar Ray Brand : guitar, slide et steel guitar Billy Teichmiller - drums & percussion Owen Brown - bass Thad Usry - harp & backing vocals Danny Hall - guitar, slide & backing vocals George McCorkle - guitar Pete Carr - guitar Jo Jo Billingsley - backing vocals Rodeo Jan Rocket - lead & backing vocals Hays Clark - background vocals Larry Perkins - piano & organ

Titles :

1 - Hard Driving Man 2 - Something Heavy 3 - The Visit 4 - Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad 5 - Redneckin' 6 - Natural Born Cowboy
7 - Hangin' Judge 8 - Jack Daniels If You Please 9 - Yard Sale Man 10 - Dreaming Buffalo 11 - Everyday Grind 12 - Chapel Of Ease
13 - Rocket City Express

After a good (very electric) Southern Rock first album, 'Southern Light' issued in 2003, with a lot of famous guests such as Tom Crain, Pete Carr, Bonnie Bramlett, Michael B Smith is back now with this album dedicated to Jakson Spires, Blackfoot's drummer, who went back to the great Indians heaven. Michael is back again with great guests like Michel McCorkle, ex MTB, Muscle Shoals sound studio's Peter Carr, ex Hourglass, Sailcat, and the mythic Skynyrd honkette Jo Jo Billingsley, whose voice upsets us on 'Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad'. Michael brings some rebel country songs in the David Allan Coe or Hank Williams Jr style, like 'Yard Sale Man', 'Jack Daniels if you please', 'Redneckin' and a great 'Everyday Grind' where you can listen to the great Marshall Tucker Band shadow. There's also gospel with 'Chapel of Ease', and a good instrumental Southern song 'Rocket City Express' with guitars in harmony and beautiful harmonica parts to close this album.
Jacques Dersigny


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