DAN BAIRD and Homemade Sin
Feels So Good Live ( 2005 )
Recorded live at Nice 'n' Sleazy in Glasgow, Scotland

Musicians :
Dan Baird - guitar & vocals Ken McMahan - guitar & vocals Keith Christopher - bass & vocals Mauro Magellan - drums
Titles :

CD1 :
1 - Dixie Beauxderaunt 2 - Julie And Lucky / I Love You Period 3 - Nights Of Mystery > Get It On 4 - Younger Face 5 - L'il Bit 6 - Walkin' The Dog
7 - Look At What You Started > Feels So Good 8 - It's All Over Now 9 - All Over But The Cryin' / Dan Takes Five 10 - Railroad Steel

CD2 :
1 - The Theme From Mauro Magellan 2 - Picture On The Wall 3 - Eight Days A Week 4 - Red Light 5 - Baby, What You Want Me To Do 6 - Open All Night
7 - Keep Your Hands To Yourself / It's Only Rock 'n' Roll 8 - Another Chance 9 - I Dunno 10 - Helpless

A new Dan Baird album never leaves us indifferent. Even if the enjoy blues, country or Southern Rock music, fans always are happy to listen to what does this Rocker man. Like usually, Dan gives us a free and sincere music, no special effects…. They plug in and they play, that’s what Dan does. Live, his Telecaster explodes with killer riffs for hours without rest. Dan has been joined for a long time by his buddy Ken McMahan (Dusters) and guitars are everywhere on this album. We can hear that on ‘Dixie Beauxderaunt’ that is really pleasant to listen to with its great beat. It is the same on the other songs, like ‘Julie and Lucky’ and the classical ‘Nights of Mystery’ with its little improvisation where we can hear some ‘Get it On’ (T. Rex) notes. ‘Little Queenie’ is also great and it goes on until the end.
To enjoy a Dan Baird show (if we are not lucky to see him on stage), you have to put the cd in, drink a Jack Daniels’ glass, turn the volume on and listen to all the songs. Two hours later you are at the top ! On the cd special edition, you get a second cd where Dan Baird and his guys offer us some special versions of their favourite songs, such as ‘Baby what you want me to do’ and ‘Keep your hands to yourself’ with a great audience singing and where Dan reminds us that he is and he will always be a Rolling Stones and Keith Richards die-hard fan (It’s only Rock n’ Roll).So I could tell more and more but it is not use, you only have to find this album to have a great moment. Sometimes pleasure is easy to find… and that’s priceless !!
John Molet


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