After All These Years
( Live 2005 - Emphasis Records )

Musicians :
Wayne Bruce - guitar & lead vocals Spencer Kirkpatrick - lead & slide guitar Steve Pace - drums Tommy Vickery - bass
Additionnal musicians : Stevie Hawkins - background vocals Ed Brimer - background vocals
Titles :
1 - Hydra Introduction 2 - Glitter Queen 3 - Wasting Time 4 - Feel A Pain 5 - You're The One 6 - Baby Please Stop Messing Round 7 - Making Plans
8 - Feel Like Running 9 - Diamond In The Rough 10 - Land Of Money 11 - Keep You Around 12 - Miriam 13 - Rattlesnake Shake 14 - Going Down

Recorded live July 28, 2005 at Jake's Toadhouse, Decatur, GA & May 7, 2005, 3rd Annual Atlanta International Guitar Show Music & Arts Festival
What a pleasure to find again Hydra today on stage. Remember this band was one of the top Southern Bands at the beginning of the seventies, so obviously… a come-back after a silence of about thirty years, it’s quite like a miracle. And when we listen to this wonderful and very well chosen name ‘After all these years’, we understand that Hydra has not come back to be a second level band. Music is the same, always so rich and moving, played with a lot of feeling by the always young Wayne Bruce (guitar-lead vocals), Spencer Kirkpatrick (guitar), Steve Pace (drums), and only Tommy Vickery (bass) who took Orville Davis place. Impressing ! It begins with the great ‘Glitter Queen’, I listened to that song so much in 1974 and it always moves me a lot, and it is the same for ‘Feel a Pain’, ‘Keep you around’ or ‘Miriam’ from the same album. For this live recording, Hydra takes songs of his three major albums, when Hydra was at the same level as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker, Point Blank, etc… ‘Waisting Time’ and ‘Feel like running’ from the album ‘Rock the World’ (1977) are also jewels, and ‘Land of Money’, from the album of the same name, is, for me, the real Hydra golden hit. There are also some wonderful covers, like ‘Stop Messin’ Around’ and ‘Rattlesnake shake’ (Peter Green), or ‘Going Down’ (Don Nix), and this album is essential for all the seventies Southern Rock die-hard fans !
‘Let the show go on my friends’

John Molet

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