Closer To The Sun
( 2002 - DG5979 )


Titles :
1 Closer To You - 2 Zion - 3 Lord I'm Feeling Blue - 4 Kyle's Song - 5 Lovers Never Part As Friends - 6 No Matter How Hard I Try
7 Party Hardy - 8 Nightmare - 9 Little Man

Musicians :
Doc Garret, Acoustic Guitar, Lead Guitar, Vocals, Brad Burns, Lead Guitar Solo, Electric Rhythm Guitar, Kevin Leary, Bass Guitar, Bass, Pete Mambelli, Keyboards, Vic Ohtama, Drums

This cd has been released in 2002, in an anonymous way, but we can say it is important to talk about Doc Garrett, friend of Charlie Hargrett who is Rickey Medlocke sparring partner in Blackfoot. Charlie plays on the song "Party Hardy" and it is really good. This only title should convince you to buy this album, but the other songs are also very good. All this cd is in a Allman-Outlaws style, with great guitars solos, especially on "Closer To The Sun", "Lovers Never Part As Friends", and a latin "Little Man". Doc voice looks like Eric Clapton one. A real good album to be bought.
Jacques Dersigny

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