Thank You
( Stomp It Again 001 )

Website :
Titles :
1 Before You Accuse Me - 2 The Sky Is Crying - 3 The Thrill Is Gone - 4 I Thank You - 5 Lie To Me - 6 Change It - 7 Blue Jean Blues
8 Illustrated Man - 9 Arrested For Driving While Blind - 10 Croosfire - 11 One More Night - 12 Johnny Guitar
Musicians :
Christophe Marquilly, Guitar & Vocals? Luc Dewertine, Bass & Vocals, Marc Vderine, Drums
Hello Guys, congratulations ! Nice job ! You've made some good work. You're on the road for a long time now, and we've seen you on stage in some bars, some dancing halls, everywhere you could play your great blues. And we were waiting for a cd, something to listen to on long winter nights, close our eyes, think we are in a Texas bar or on the road to Nashville. And the title says so well, Thank You !
So we have now twelve songs, clean, good production, great sound, and giving us the luck to hear what you are able to do. You have chosen great songs, played good and respectful covers, one of your own songs, twelve piece of musical happiness, what can we ask for more ?
However, we were prepared to get such a shock ; we do know Christophe Marquilly, one of the best and most gifted French guitarists, a real man under a blues influence for so long, so good with his other band Stocks. He has the luck to get a real good bass player, Luc Dewerte, Big Luke with a real smooth way of playing, a good network for Christophe's guitar. And Marc Védrine on drums gives us a clear sound and the right note at the right moment, just perfect to get the top of the blues, just the way they play today.
Christophe Marquilly tells us in the interview he gave us : in another country, at another moment, the group could make it and really get the success they deserve. Because we have here a real and pure album, that figures what great musicians have understood about true music.
So the three guys begin with a good Creedence and Eric Clapton "Before you accuse me" cover, followed with the great Stevie Ray Vaughan song "The Sky is crying". It is still happiness with BB King's "The Thrill is gone" and the beautiful "I thank you" that gave his title to this cd. A good Jonnie Lang "Lie to Me" and after "Change It", we get two nice covers of the famous Texas trio "Blue Jeans Blues" and "Arrested for Driving While Blind" : these are two real great covers that need more than one listening.
Luc sings in a good way on "Illustrated Man", and next is the great "Crossfire" that Stevie Ray played so well. We get next the band own creation "One More Night", quiet, wonderful, and that shows how good can be the band. And at the end here is "Johnny Guitar", Johnny Winter's cover, that the band played so many times on stage ; a good song to close the album.
What a great album Outsliders gives us today, and it'd be logical and real justice that such a good cd makes it and gets a real success. Get this nice album on the website www.outsliders.com and you do give justice to our music!


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