Workin' On Gettin' There
(2002 Lyman Ellerman/ Chuck Werner)

Titles :
1. Go On - 2. Without You - 3 Mockingbird Hill - 4. Why - 5. Good Night To Drive - 6. Sure Like To Try - 7 The Door - 8 Right Side Of The Bed
9. Too Far Gone - 10. Gettin' There - 11 Missing You

Coming from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, this very good band takes us in a musical trip in Blues, Country and Southern Rock landscapes. As told us Lyman Ellerman (lead guitar), in Red Skyy music we can find Eagles with Skynyrd and Tom Petty influences. However we can say that Red Skyy is a good Country Music band. I listened to that cd many times, and sometimes I thought to Blackhawk (ex-Outlaws Henry Paul band) ; there are real good guitar parts, top vocals, great sound and a good production, that makes of such an album a good surprise in a cool Country Music way !
John Molet

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