Wear N' Tear
( Magnatude 2005 - MT-2304-2 )

Website :

Musicians :
Cameron Williams, Guitars, Vocals, Jess Franklin, Guitars, Stephen Pivey, Bass, Richard Proctor, Drums

Titles :
1 Wastin' Time - 2 Hillbilly Wine - 3 Poison Whiskey - 4 Magic -5 Rome - 6 Billy - 7 Smoked Mullet - 8 Willin' to Die
9 Legend of George Nelson - 10 Worn Out Soles - 11 Ain't Got Time - 12 Reprise
2004 revelation with a really good first album, Tishamingo is back with Wear N' Tear. This band from Florida (Tallahassee) gives us a great quality music, with a Southern Rock and Blues-Country jazz mix. They are really good and seem to be quite a jam band, with guitar player Jess Franklin (Warren Haynes disciple) and Cameron Williams (from Black Creed Band). This new album is a confirmation that Tishamingo is the new Southern Music revelation, looking sometimes like Savoy Truffle, with vocals and slide guitar (Smoked Mullett). Lynyrd Skynyrd fans will enjoy a great "Poison Whiskey" cover that shows how Tishamingo can have many influences. There is a video bonus on this cd too, with the band in the recording studio. Great !!
John Molet


( 2004 Innerstate Records )

Musiciens :
Cameron Williams, Guitar/Vocals, Jess Franklin, Guitar/Vocals, Stephen Spivey, Bass/Backing Vocals,
Richard Prector, Drums & Percussion

Titles :

1 First Of The Day - 2 Whiskey State Of Mind - 3 People See - 4 Lazy Susan - 5 Way Back Home - 6 Lickety Split
7 Palmer March - 8 Tradition - 9 Little Red - 10 Pete's Lament - 11 Turry & The Tellico Militia - 12 El Perro Frio - 13 Last Ride

I was afraid, when we received this new cd at the RTJ office, because the name of this band didn't inspired me a lot. I just put the record on and, since the beginning, it was a good surprise to me. This music is for real blues-country-jazz die-hard fans, but at a great level of quality, as their influences are Widespread Panic, Derek Trucks. They are also close to Savoy Truffle, especially with the singer's voice ! Finally, it is a beautiful cd, with many different feelings and always nice guitar parts. Just try it !

John Molet

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