All Points In Between (2009)


Pat Buffo - lead vocals & guitar
Tom Spittle - guitar, vocals, keyboards & percussion
Brian Jeffries - guitar, vocals & keyboards
Dave Stevenson - bass
Francis "Sonny" Harlan - drums


- Girls Wanna Dance
2 - My Kinda Girl
3 - Cocaine Gun
4 - Me & The Boys
5 - Gonna Take A Lot More
6 - Touch Our Souls
7 - Backin' It Up
8 - Heritage Not Hate
9 - It Is What It Is
10 - One More Chance

This band from Tampa Bay, some people think they are Southern Rock future, has many good cards in its game. We already enjoy them on “It Is What It Is” (2005) and “Backin’ It Up” (2007), and we always wait for their new productions. That’s what happened with this new album “All Points In Between”. I don’t know if I am never happy, but I always think that this band could be even better again !

However, I agree on the point that Rebel Pride is a real good Southern Rock band, and that’s also why I think they could be even better and that we don’t admit when they are not good enough. This new album, for me, is an excellent work but is still not as good as it could be… And when I compare all good songs such as “Stomp Yer Foot” on “It Is What It Is”, with its wonderful Pat Buffo vocals close to Danny Joe Brown and with Brian Jeffries guitar parts were so good, or this great “Domino Boogie” on “Backin’ It Up”, I just can tell that Rebel Pride has to work more and more to be able to do what fans are waiting for !

However we just have to enjoy this very good album, with songs very good like “My Kinda Girl”, “Me & The Boys” or “Gonna Take A Lot More”. I just can say that I’m looking at Rebel Pride evolution and I hope they soon arrive at the top of the Southern Rock bands !

John Molet


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