The Good & The Bad (2010)

Simon Sauvage: Guitars and Vocals / Tim Farmer: Bass / Ted Rodgers: Guitars
Sam Woods: Keyboards, Guitars and Harmony Vocals / Rob Landau: Drums
Pete Dommett: Acoustic Guitar / Melody Sauvage: Harmony Vocals and Tambourine


01 Voodoo Lover
02 Bad Bob
03 The Good 1 The Bad
04 Crowille
05 13th Floor
06 Heart of the Crow
07 Firewater Jesus
08 Devil’s Daughter (for Jim Dandy)
09 Senor de la Fuga
10 Going Down South
11 Hey Baby
12 Mrs Banker

Bonus Track: Rolling Home

Nowadays, the rebel flag is close to the Union jack in Great Britain with MelonHead Men, that comes from Tonbridge in the Kent. Just remember that England has already had good Southern bands, such as BANDIT (two albums in 1977 and 1978), SPLITCROW and its full of slide guitar for boogie fans album Rockstorm in 1984, the fabulous STRETCH with its four albums, SASSAFRA and the country-rock from MOONRIDER, and obviously the American-English musicians of the GEORGE HATCHER BAND. So back to MelonHead Man who takes its science from the best : Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, Black Oak Arkansas, with some harmonies just like Wishbone Ash. Songs such as “Bad Bob” and “Devil’s Daughter (for Jim Dandy)” will sure be enjoyed by Black Oak Arkansas fans. “13th Floor”, “Heart of a Crow”, “Hey baby” and “Rolling Home” (bonus track) look like the early Skynyrd. Just note great boogie on “Crowille” and “Firewater Jesus”.

Then we get a very original song, “Senor de la Fuga” which is a kind of mix between Rock and Latino music, with some parts of the original Black Oak Arkansas guitarists Reynolds and Jett at the end. That gives an exotic touch to that hot CD from these seven Englishmen.

Jacques Dersigny

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