Justice (2010)


Phil McCormack (Chant)
Dave Hlubek (Guitare)
Bobby Ingram (Guitare)
John Galvin (Clavier)
Tim Lindsey (Basse)
Shawn Beamer (Batterie)


01. Been To Heaven Been To Hell
02. Safe In My Skin
03. Deep Water
04. American Pride
05. I'm Gonna Live 'Til I Die
06. Fly On Wings Of Angels (Somers Song)
07. As Heaven Is Forever
08 Tomorrows And Forevers
09. Vengeance
10. In The Darkness Of The Night
11. Justice

It is obvious that a new Molly Hatchet album, it is always a real event full of interrogations for all the fans of this Southern Rock giant since the seventies. Today, musical parameters have changed but, whatever, Molly Hatchet stays a real pleasure for all the Southern Rock fans, like we are !

We remember that the musicians were happy during last December sessions in Germany, and we were impatient to discover this Bobby Ingram Band work ! So I just turned on the loud volume at the right level and I pushed Play, just to begin with “Been To Heaven Been To Hell”… What a song ! It reminds me of Devil’s Canyon and Silent Reign Of Heroes years (I did enjoy these albums). What just comes first, is the production quality (especially for the bass guitar-drums parts). John Galvin told us that the sound was heavy, and we must admit that he was right. Tim Lindsey bass parts and Shawn Beamer drums really sound great (and that’s not always obvious !). After that great first song, I’m back on earth with “Safe In My Skin”. Good rock but not so wild, but always a great drums sound. I’m surprised with the intro of “Deep Water” that looks like Blackfoot’s “Teenage Idol” on the album Siogo. Even if I respect the band’s work, that’s not what I prefer in their music, even if, after the introduction, we can get a good rock song. At this moment, I understand how hard it is to be a fan of a band and transmit his own impressions that won’t really be objective. It is the same for Lynyrd Skynyrd that we really enjoy and that sometimes we are obliged to admit that some albums are not as good as we could wish. So, however, with “American Pride”, we get real Hatchet that many of us enjoy : good bass-drums intros and great guitar riffs just like Molly can do, that’s why this song is one of the best of the album !

With “Fly On Wings Of Angels (Somers Song)”, we get a serious moment because this song is about a tragedy that happened last year in Florida (A seven-year child was murdered). A heavy and humanly deep song to be close to the family and to talk about all the crazy people in the United States (and in all the countries unfortunately).

In the second part of this album, we just pick up songs such as “As Heaven Is Forever” (a great Southern ballad) and “Justice” where, as soon as the song begins, we can listen to thunder and strikes to bring a real Molly guitar riff, and then a very special slide guitar and great piano and guitars choruses. It reminds me of ancient songs, such as “The Journey” or “Devil’s Canyon”, and that’s all for this new Molly Hatchet realisation.

So, here is just a little part of my opinion, but as you know, you better listen to this album by yourself and make your own opinion, just like all Molly Hatchet die-hard fans will sure do !

The South gonna rise again !

John Molet

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