Last Time ( http://www.evanscapps.com - 2005 )


Musiciens : Ean Evans, All Guitars, Bass Guitar, Bobby Capps, Lead Vocals, Keyboards & Raps )


1 Hell If I Know - 2 Dead Is Rising - 3 Innocence - 4 Follow The Morning Sun - 5 For Something Or For Nothing - 6 Stand Or Fall - 7 Why - 8 Walk
9 Mississipi - 10 Anything Goes - 11 Hole In My Head

What do you think Ean Evans (Lynyrd Skynyrd bassist) and Bobby Capps (.38 Special keyboards) do when they have some free time ? They play music !! and they do record an album, isn't it a great stuff ? I must admit that I hoped like a mix of Lynyrd Skynyrd and .38 Special, and we are very far away from that. I don't want to say it's bad, but it is just a fact. It appears that Ean and Bobby wanted to have a good time together, far away from their musical jobs, and we have to admit it. As soon as the beginning, with "Hell If I Know", we understand we are now in a big heavy rock way (far away from Southern Rock), and it is the same on "Dead is Rising" and "Mississippi", where vocals look like Kid Rock !!! I'd lie if I say I enjoyed that cd, but some songs are really good and make me feel better about these boys, songs like "Walk", in a good Southern Spirit, and the real moving choruses on "Anything goes" and on "Hole in my Head". We just can note that Rickey Medlocke plays on the title "Why" (I'd have been surprising if Gary Rossington or Don Barnes did the same!).
John Molet

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