Barnstormin Live ( Vol 1 )


1 Rocket In My Rocket - 2 Keepin' Up With The Joneses - 3 Change In Luck - 4 Spiders Blues - 5 One Clear Moment>Just Another Sunday
6 Walking As Two - 7 Last Night - 8 Roll Um Easy - 9 The Blues Don't Tell It All - 10 Why Don't It Look Like The Way That It Talk

Sights & Sounds ( DVD )


1 Hate To Lose - 2 Cajun Rage - 3 Rad Gumbo - 4 Sailin Shoes - 5 Two Trains - 6 Rockets In My Pocket - 7 Trouble - 8 Roll Um Easy
9 Down On The Farm - 10 Dixie Chicken - 11 Skin It Back - 12 All That You Dream - 13 Clownin - 14 Old Folks - 15 Feets Don't Fail Me Now

ISo, here's a new live album of our Little Feat friends, after "Neon Park", "At the Rams Head", "Swannee River", "Act Live St Louis". Now we get today this "Barnstormin' Live". With other bands, we could ask some questions, but Little Feat as such a musical quality that it is always a different show, and we are always looking for the differences they made in the songs, the extra performances, the improvisations they played. So we can listen to the wonderful "Change in Luck" that was already on "Neon Park" but that is so well sung by the moving Shaun Murphy, that we are really happy to get it again. Little Feat offers us here old and new songs new interpretations. That's why we enjoy the new version of "Roll Um Easy'", issued in '73 on the album "Dixie Chicken", "Spider Blues" on "Shake me Up" in '91, and "Rocket in my Pocket" on "Hoy Hoy" in '81. And we can hear that guitarists Paul Barrere and Fred Tackett keep going on and are still present to give us a new acoustic dvd (Sights and Sounds), we just can say that Little Feat is one and lonely in the Rock n' Roll history. That's why we love them so much !
John Molet

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