Ride To Live
( BDE/33rd StreetRecords -2005 )

Titles :

1 Ride To Live, Live To Ride - 2 Mama's Got A Tattoo - 3 Tombstone - 4 Freedom - 5 Cowboy Ride - 6 That's What I Like About Love
7 Red Moon - 8 DUI Of Love - 9 Stone Cold Crazy In Love - 10 Gunning For Your Love

In the category New Country Rock Music, here are gentlemen Smith & Harley, a little bit like Brooks & Dunn or Montgomery & Gentry. They give us a nice album with great southern feelings. It begins with "Ride to Live, Live to Ride" and we sure know where we are, that's big American Rock n' Roll, really fitting their "Outlaws" look ; then we get "Mama's got a Tattoo", with good guitar riffs, giving the idea to ride a bike on the highways, perfect for me!!! Next is the quiet "Tombstone", a real Southern Rock ballad (Charlie Daniels way) and we're back with Harley Davidson' sound to begin a nice "Freedom", a real Southern Rock, Hard Drivin' and Honky Tonk musical mix, as they say themselves. I think it's not use to tell more about them and if you have understood the way they enjoy and play music, you sure have to get this wonderful album as soon as possible !
John Molet

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