Royal Orleans ( 2006 )

Musicians : Jeff Moss - guitar, dobro & vocals / Troy Moss - guitar, mandolin & vocals / Kevin Dale - bass / Dave Smith - drums
Titles : 1 - Cottonmouth Country / 2 - Red Clay Road / 3 - Southern Son / 4 - A Little Lovin' / 5 - Harper's Creek
6 - Plantation / 7 - Royal Street / 8 - Cajun Waltz / 9 - Collar Green's

We knew Billy Moss and his band Rebel Storm, and now here are his brothers Jeff and Troy to show that they are too good musicians. They are not fresheners and, if they created no CD before, they sure were on the road in the deep South, maybe in a bar in Alabama or somewhere else! When we listen to this record, we just can be disappointed not to have it earlier! Wonderful, nice melodies and guitar parts in a kind of Ed King style, her we got a Southern-Country Rock masterpiece from the Moss Brothers.
I do appreciate the first songs, in a Skynyrd way, songs such as "Cottonmouth Country", "Southern Son", "A Little Lovin'" even upon an acoustic domination, in a real Southern Rock spirit. However the entire CD is wonderful, even on different songs such as "Red Clay Road" (great ballad with Bon Jovi style vocals) and "Cajun Waltz" (wonderful moving instrumental song). Composition work and quality are the main lines of the Moss Brothers Band, for true fans of Southern Rock a real jewel to buy!
John Molet

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