Reloaded ( Dixie Frog 2007 )

Yes! Those who know me do understand the love and passion I have for that incredible Rock n' Roll band, so they won't be surprised to know how happy I am now that Point Blank is back after more than 25 years. Even for the most optimistic who could have bet they had returned ? To be honest, I had some doubts before hearing that new album, but suddenly "Back In The Alley"… yes, that's the real Point Blank, they are still alive and well, it really moves me… Rusty is still the same, same choruses but a modern and rich guitar play, and what a feeling in his fingers. "Moving" allows us to listen to the great John O Daniel. I was a little bit anxious about his voice before, but he hit me!! Gimme a little Jack glass to start again, on "Nasty Notions", Blues in a Texan style (Heavy but good!!). Shivers are back with "Bad Bees", "Uncle Ned", and the real sublime "Stars and Cars". Higher level on "Lone Star Fool", "Free Man" and "Mean to your Queenie". 25 years later, these guys have kept their killing instinct when they are on stage! Point Blank begins a new career and reminds us of "Nicole" (my sweet Nicole), and they surprise us on "Let Her Go" that previously was on the "On A Roll" album and looks a little bit like Journey, maybe it's because of Bubba Keith influence (he took John O Daniel place after The hard Way), or because the tour they made in the 80's as the support band of Journey.
This great moment ends on a short and instrumental version of "Thank You Mama", we wished it had been longer, and we should be able to see the band on stage in Europe soon. Congratulations to Dixie Frog for this issue and to Texas Boogie Prod to let the dream come true!
Really great!!!
John Molet

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