( Molly Hatchet, Charlie Daniels, Pat Travers, Great White, ARS, Outlaws, Canned Heat, Artimus, etc...)

As it had been announced for a long time and as nothing was issued, I thought that this Tribute 'd have only been a project and never been issued… But, everything's happens and, with such a Tribute album, I only can tell myself that sometimes it's good to be patient. Because, it's a real and great tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd that all these great musicians have created on this album, I think it's the best of the tribute albums ever made! It begins in a strange way with Free Bird, the famous jewel which usually closes all the Skynyrd shows ; when we listen to Charlie Daniels and Molly Hatchet work on that particular song, we understand why it opens that Tribute album. This incredible faithful interpretation had moved me a lot, especially when I listened to Charlie and Phil Mc Cormack on vocals, and Bobby Ingram guitar parts that prove how he deserves to be a member of the Southern Rock family! It is really pleasant to be able to hear Hughie on Sweet Home Alabama, as he used to play that song when he was in Skynyrd, his guitar parts are true and he sings pretty well!!
Crazy drummer (Artimus Pyle and the Honkettes) offers us a nice "Double Trouble", Great White hard rockers give us a heavy but good "Saturday Night Special", as good as Atlanta Rhythm Section's "Call Me The Breeze". In fact, we get here 13 wonderful covers, even from
the non-Southern rockers, as Rick Derringer's "You Got That Right", Pat Travers' "Gimme back My Bullets", Dangerous Toys' "Simple Man"
and Canned Heat cover of "That Smell". A real indispensable album for every Southern Rock die-hard fan!
John Molet

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