SAGUITAR ( 2007 )

 To be honest, before I listened to this new Alvin Lee cd, I was asking myself about the music he proposed us now. Because, Mister ‘I’m Going Home’ has changed many time during his career, as we could feel it on the Rockabilly ‘In Tennessee’ in 2004. But now, we get here a real good surprise. Even if I enjoy the actual Ten Years After, I must admit that there is no comparison. As soon as the first notes of ‘Anytime U Want’ or ‘It’s Time To Play’, the guitar sound, the voice and the musical spirit of this man are now a legend and remind us of the Woodstock era. This album is a real good one, and we get here a mix of Blues Rock music and Rhythm n’ Blues, with songs such as ‘Motel Blues’ or ‘Only Here For The Ride’. We can say that the famous Gibson Red TD335 and its owner are still alive and can always play some Rock n’ Roll. We sure can confirm that with his next Rocking Rendez-Vous at the Paris Olympia in March 2008, as he informed us on his Internet site.

John Molet


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