Titles :

1 - Cowboy Town
2 - Proud Of The House We Built
3 - Johnny Cash Junkie (Buck
Owens Freak)
4 - Cowgirls Don't Cry
5 - Put A Girl In It
6 - Ballad Of Jerry Jeff Walker
7 - Tequila
8 - Drop In The Bucket
9 - Drunk On Love
10 - Chance Of A Lifetime
11 - American Dreamer
12 - God Must Be Busy

Musicians :
Alison Prestwood - bass
Aubrey Haynie - fiddle
Brent Mason - guitar
Bryan Sutton - acoustic guitar & mandolin
Chad Cromwell - drums
Chris McHugh - drums
Crystal Taliefero - background vocals
Dan Dugmore - steel guitar
Eddie Bayers - drums
Eric Darken - percussion
Gary Morse - steel guitar
Glenn Worf - bass
Greg Morrow - drums & percussion
Hank Singer - fiddle
Harry Stinson - background vocals
Ilya Toshinsky - banjo & acoustic guitar
J.T. Corenflos - guitar
James J. Mitchell - guitar
Jerry Jeff Walker - background vocals
Jerry McPherson - guitar
Jimmie Lee Sloas - bass
Jimmy Nichols - keyboards, organ & piano
John Jarvis - piano
John Wesley Ryles - background vocals
John Willis - banjo
Kenny Greenberg - guitar
Kim Fleming - background vocals
Kim Parent - background vocals
Kix Brooks - background vocals
Larry Beaird - acoustic guitar
Larry Paxton - bass
Lou Toomey - guitar
Mark Casstevens - guitar
Michael Rhodes - bass
Mike Brignardello - bass
Owen Hale - drums
Pat Peterson - background vocals
Paul Franklin - steel guitar
Paul Scholten - drums
Reese Wynans - organ & piano
Rex Schnelle - guitar & percussion
Rob Hajacos - fiddle
Robert Bailey - background vocals
Ronnie Dunn - background vocals
Russ Pahl - steel guitar
Russell Terrell - background vocals
Terry McBride - bass & background vocals
Tom Bukovac - guitar
Tony Harrell - organ & piano
Vicki Hampton - background vocals
Wendy Moten - background vocals
Wes Hightower - background vocals

They also are musicians we remember when we do enjoy the heavy New Country Rock music. For some years, they are real Stars in the United States, win many Country Music awards and play in big stadiums. So they are at the top of this kind of music. And they sure stay at the top with this new album. It is a remarkable album and ‘Cowboy Town’ confirms that Brooke and Dunn is the New Country band that is the best to mix Rock and Country music. Their career began in the beginning of the 90s and they already have released about twelve great albums [listen to ‘Brand New Man’ (1991), ‘Hard Workin’ man’ (1993), ‘Red Dirt Road’ (2003) or ‘Hillbilly Deluxe’ (2005)]. Nothing to let drop in all that stuff ! And today ‘Cowboy Town’ is at the same level, heavy sound, guitars everywhere, great melodies… so what can we ask ? So obviously, if you don’t enjoy too much the New Country Rock, you won’t appreciate it, but the good Rock n’ Roll fans will sure enjoy this ‘Cowboy Town’ (whose beginning looks like Bruce Springsteen ‘Born In The USA’), the ZZ Top style ‘Drop In The Bucket’ and the Rolling Stones type ‘Put A Girl In It’. That’s heavy swinging music, and their real Country songs like ‘Ballad of Jerry Jeff Walker’ and ‘God Must Be Busy’ are moving.
No, there’s nothing left to say, just that ‘Cowboy Town’ is one of the best 2007 album.
What ??? Who said I’m not objective ??

John Molet



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