(Solo album)

Titles :
1 Young & Dumb
2 Pay The Band
3 Minor Blues
4 Stevie Rave On
5 Second Banana
6 Greenwood
7 Can’t Be Good For Me
8 Romance Classified
9 Sure Got Cold After The Rain Fell
10 Every Goodbye Ain’t Gone

Musicians :
Buddy Whittington, Guitar & Vocals
Michael Mayes, Leslie Guitar and Lead Guitar solo #2 on « Stevie Ray »
Wayne Six, Bass
Mike Gage, Drums
Rex Mauney, Hammond B3
Michael Hamilton, Piano and Organ

Blues fans do know him because he plays for a long time with John Mayall, and Texan Blues-Rock discovered him on the European Point Blank tour. This man deserve to be famous, he’s very kind and he’s a gifted guitarist. Many fans could think that Buddy is just a classical and good Blues guitar player. I remember that some people were pessimistic when they knew that Mister Buddy took Kim Davies in Point Blank. What a mistake ! When I saw the band on stage in June, I was really happy to see him, his rich and various guitar play show that Mister Whittington is one of the best Blues Rock musicians.
So when he’s not with John Mayall or Point Blank, what does he do ?
He plays the guitar again and again, and record a new Blues-Rock album, a real good one with Texas Blues roots. This album begins with a great Stratocaster riff (‘Young And Dumb’) where Buddy’s rich guitar play will make everybody happy. A great Blues-Rock ‘Play The Band’ just after to keep the rhythm. Some other songs are great, like the instrumental full of feelings ‘Greenwood’, the Little Feat style ‘Stevie Rave On’ and the beautiful ‘Romance Classified’ he played with Point Blank during the European tour and that the fans will enjoy to get the original version.
So, here we get a highly recommended album for all the Blues Rock fans !

John Molet




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