Mission California (2007)

I remember I discovered that heavy New Country band two or three years ago, specially because of Cody’s special voice, that sometimes reminds us of Johnny Van Zant. That’s why I wanted to know a little bit more about this Country Rock band that, even is the musicians are young, was created in the mid-nineties. Since that moment, CCR toured a lot, 150 shows a year about, and offer us today its ninth album, which is, like the others, more Rock than Country. And we do understand the enjoy the heavy Rock n’ Roll (‘The Deal’, ‘Smoke Another’,
‘I Believe You’), but the quietest moments are not the weakest, with some great moments on ‘Dead Man’, ‘Cry Lonely’ or ‘NYCG’, that New Country fans will sure enjoy. A great album after the very good ‘Back To Tulsa’ issued last year !

John Molet


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