Licence to Rock

It sometimes happen that we miss a band and we discover it again some times later. That’s what happens today with this Norwegian Boogie band that sounds like Status Quo. Maybe it’s because I’ve just seen on stage the Parfitt and Rossi group, but I really dig Hercules music that is so close to the great Status Quo ! It’s hard to imagine how important is the influence this band has had for many young rockers, like the German ‘Piledriver’ for instance.
These Norwegian musicians offer us today a 8-tracks cd that could have been on the last Status Quo album. Maybe you think it’s a kind of exaggeration, but it’s true !
Obviously the Quo is the reference, but when you listen to songs such as ‘Rat Race’, ‘Easy Action’ or the singing ‘Licence To Rock’, I really feel to be back in the seventies listening to ‘Paper Plane’, ‘Railroad’ or ‘Don’t Waste My Time’ !
When the sound is so close, it shows a deep respect from Hercules to Status Quo !

John Molet


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