My Kind of Country (2007)

Titles :
1 - Train
2 - These Colors Don't Run
3 - Goes Down Easy
4 - That Scares Me
5 - My Kind Of Country
6 - The Hardest Thing
7 - It's Only Money
8 - We Can't Do It Alone
9 - Friend
10 - It's All About You
11 - Headed South

Musicians :
Johnny Van Zant - vocals (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
Donnie Van Zant - vocals (38 Special)
Bobby Capps - keyboards
Crystal Taliefero - background vocals
Eric Darken - percussion
Erik Lundgren - guitar
Greg Morrow - drums & percussion
Kenny Greenberg - guitar
Kim Fleming - background vocals
Larry Franklin - fiddle
Marc Miller - guitar & pedal steel
Michael Rhodes - bass
Pat Buchanan - guitar & harmonica
Perry Coleman - background vocals
Robert Bailey - background vocals
Russ Pahl - banjo, dobro & stell guitar
Russell Terrell - background vocals
Stuart Duncan - fiddle
Tom Bukovac - guitar
Vicki Hampton - background vocals

It won’t be a surprise if I say that we waited for this new Van Zant album for a long time in the Southern Rock family. Announced many times for some months in the Country Rock press, nobody could ignore its existence. But, when we listen to ‘My Kind Of Country’, we just can tell that sometimes, when we wait something for a long time, we can be disappointed. Obviously, this album is not bad, but honestly, after the great ‘Get Right With The Man’, I must confess that I expected better, even if I must admit that with the Van Zant brothers, I always expect the best. However, some songs seem to use the easy way to do the same that was created on the previous album. Everybody knows it’s not easy to create some real new stuff. But, here are the two Van Zant brothers, some of the best Southern Rock singers, that’s why we hoped something better, even if it’s always pleasant to listen to.
There are some jewels, such as ‘That Scares Me’, ‘It’s Only Money’, ‘Headed South’, etc… and these songs can hide the weakest ones that I won’t name, to preserve the surprise, and to keep the exceptional event of a Van Zant brothers new album.

John Molet



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