Y & T 

I remember to hear about this group when they were the support band of a French AC/DC tour. It was in 1981 or 1982, and my friends, that were at the show, only talked about Dave Meniketti. That’s why I bought the ‘Black Tiger’ album in 1982 (the band is born in 1974) and I could admit that my friends told me the truth, we got a really good hard Rock n’ Roll band. Then I saw the evolution of the band and I remember ‘Mean Streak’ in 1983 and ‘In Rock We Trust’ in 1984. Following their gifted leader, guitar player Dave Meniketti, Y&T is still alive and well and they worked hard to get the respect of the new generations. Now, the old Joey Alves (guitar) and Leonard Haze (drums) are gone and have been replaced by John Nymann (guitar, he played with Mr Big’s Eric Martin) and Mike Vanderhule on drums. Y&T shows are always very intense and Dave Meniketti guitar play is always up-to-date. That’s why it’s a real pleasure to find back on that DVD songs such as ‘Lipstick And Leather’, ‘Mean Streak’, ‘Summertime Girls’, ‘Rescue Me’, ‘I Believe In You’, ‘Forever’ and many others. Y&T said that Rock n’ Roll can save
the world, and we can believe that ! Recorded in Holland in October 2006, this DVD is the best witness of the qualities of that super
Hard Rock n’ Roll band Y&T !

John Molet


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