The Quebec City Sessions 2006

Blues new generation may come from everywhere, and today it comes from Gaspésie (in the French Canada). Dixiefrog Records has produced this young man album in France, that’s why we can now get this 2006 Canadian record. Our friend Pat can play the blues in a way that the Southern fans sure will enjoy, so why won’t we listen to him ?
As soon as the first song arrives, we understand that he’s not playing in a studio just for fun, and he offers us a great Fabulous Thunderbirds “Tuff Enough” cover, in a duet with Kim Richardson. He’s not here for kidding ! Song after song we can enjoy the same strength and intensity, that can make us think it could be Devon Allman on guitar. And more, he plays a great fifteen minutes cover of the ABB “Whipping Post”. After the good W.I.N.D. cover of that song, we can say that the ABB is famous with its covers this year…
I think that Pat has listened to musicians such as Poppa Chubby ; we can listen to his telecaster choruses, and with his friends Lavergne lap on steel guitar and Christian Leblanc on organ. The rhythm section is heavy but not too much, and Pat use his friends vocals and Guy Belanger harmonica for the Rooter and Rhythm n’ Blues songs. We do enjoy that kind of music that can move and make us dance.
Pat the White has the right stuff to become a great musician, it depends the way his career goes and if show business bad sharks eat him before he becomes famous. For the moment, Pat is at his best, and it’s time to discover his music !

Yves Philippot

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