My Name is Jimmie (2008 - http://jimmievanzant.net )

1 Woke Up This Morning
2 100 P roof
3 Polk Salad Annie
4 Redneck Revolution
5 Backwoods Preacher Man
6 King of Nothing
7 Blue Collar Man
8 Spit Cup
9 Ray Ray’s Juke Joint
10 Reason
11 Saving Grace
12 Dixie

It is not so easy to get this album of the Van Zant brothers’ cousin, recorded for some months : Jimmie has preferred to let his album be download on the Internet network. It’s a little bit special, but what can we do ? That is the evolution !
So, we must admit that, after “Southern Comfort” in 2000, it’s a little bit surprising. Many Southern fans should have preferred a kind of confirmation, but… Attention, it is not a bad record : we must admit that it is an evolution and Jimmie Van Zant will to get a bigger audience, that’s why some modifications have been done. I won’t discuss about them, these changes have been decided by the musicians. We have to respect their choices !
From the beginning of “Woke Up This Morning”, we can see that something has changed : we are far away from the vocals on “Ronnie’s Song” for instance, but this kind of music just looks like Kid Rock for instance, with a lot of work on the arrangements and on the sound ! “100 Proof” and “Ray Ray’s Juke Joint” seem better to me because they are real Southern songs, but other orientations are surprising, even if we must respect them. I mean the covers of “Polk Salad Annie” and Styx’s “Blue Collar Man”. They are well done, but I wonder why these covers are on Jimmie Van Zant album ! So that’s what we get with this new album, I just want to add “Reason” with its guitar solo, and obviously “Dixie” that reminds us that mister Jimmie Van Zant is a Southern Man !

John Molet

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