Do What's Right (2008)

01 My Old Friend
02 Do What's Right
03 Sign Of The Times/Feel Like A Stranger Here
04 Everyday
05 I Feel All Right
06 Oh Glory How Happy I Am
07 I'm Not Crying
08 Find A Way


Jack Pearson : guitars, lead vocals
Dennis Wage : Hammond organ, keyboards, background vocals
Elizabeth Pearson : bass, background vocals
Doug Belote : drums

Ten years after his last compositions, Jack Pearson, ex Allman Brothers Band guitarist in the 90’s, is back with this album just like his former band played. Here we have an old Blues classic song cover (Reverend Gary Davis ‘“Oh Glory, How Happy I Am”), old songs new versions
(“My Old Friend”, “I Feel All Right”, “Find A Way”) with long improvisations, and some new songs. There are many different styles on that cd, with some roots and gospel material (“Oh Glory How Happy I Am”) to some complex jazz rock, with a pure boogie with slide guitar and piano. This is the first song, and every title can show that Jack Pearson is not only a bottleneck specialist. He can play different styles of music, that’s obvious as he played in the Allman Brothers Band. There are no guitar duets here, because there are not enough musicians in fact, but Dennis Wage is good enough to push Jack Pearson to play at his best. During this time, an excellent rhythm section with Mrs Pearson on the bass guitar can assure the right tempo where the leader can sing. A real great band, great songs, all this should be enjoyed to the musicians and to the Allman Brothers Band and Johnny Neel fans.

Yves Philippot-Degand

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