Separate Roads (2008- )

The Bounty Hunter Gang ? Oh damned ! These are bad men, just like Molly Hatchet guys. But no, these guys from Pennsylvania are romantic men, with a cool and English country folk music of the seventies, just like Brinley’s Schwartz, Cochise, Moonrider and Laurie Wisefield’s Home, the man who played in Wishbone Ash for twelve years. All these English bands played nice harmonized solos, just like Southern musicians do. The Bounty Hunter Gang is in that way, with beautiful guitars parts on “You Don’t Have To Be Lonely”, “Strong”, “High Wire”, the instrumental song “Smilin’”, just like the bands we mentioned played. They also play some heavy Rock n’ Roll songs, on “High Road”, “Loose Your Name”, but the best is the wonderful “Separate Roads” with its beautiful guitars, between Southern Rock and Wishbone Ash. You just have now to go and try this beautiful album full of crystal notes.

Jacques Dersigny

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