Titles :

1 Tell Me Why 2 Ridin' With The Wind 3 Highway Blues 4 This Ol' World 5 Angel Of Love 6 Baptized In The Blues 7 Riverside City Blues 8 Leave This Town
9 I'd Rather Be Blind 10 Keeps Me Strong 11 Son Of A Guitar Man 12 Highway Man

Dave Chastain gave us a high level album in 1980,Rockin' Roulette, with its Southern Rock of anthology, that now a lot of people is waiting for him. Unfortunately, Dave has changed his way and style of music, and now he plays blues in an old-fashioned style, as we can hear on his last album 'Legacy'. He is still powerful, 'Highway Man' was already on Rockin' Roulette, but the new version is not better than the first one. This album is good, the first song 'Tell me why' lets hope a great cd, but we soon arrive in a kind of blues, obviously good, but for real die-hard blues fans only.
Jacques Dersigny

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