Back where it all begins
( DVD + CD )
( Live at the Rock & roll Hall of fame )

Titles :

DVD : 1. Opening 2. Statesboro Blues 3. Blue Sky 4. Change My Way Of Living 5. Get Away 6. Ramblin' Man 7. Back Where It All Begins 8. Come On In My Kitchen
9. Seven Turns 10. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed 11. No One To Run With 12. Jessica

CD : 1. Southbound (Soundcheck Version) 2. Blue Sky (Soundcheck Version) 3. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed (Soundcheck Version)
4. Donna Marie (Live From The Rock Hall) 5. Jessica (Live From The Rock Hall)

In the great Southern Blues-Rock family, here is the famous Mr Dickey Betts. Since he has left the Allman Brothers, he is a little bit less known but…
Dickey however is still busy and started this 'Great Southern', and we can see the job that this great and gifted Southern guitar player made on this DVD Dickey Betts gives us, with his great and famous songs 'Blue Sky', 'Ramblin' Man', 'Seven Turns' and 'Jessica', once more, the opportunity to see how gifted he is. The other musicians are Dan Toler (his good old friend) on guitar, Petro (Rasta) Arevalo, a wonderful bass guitar hero, Michael Kach on keyboards and vocals that looks a little bit like Duane Allman, , and Frankie Lombardi on drums, that seems a little bit under the others' level. We can also remark, on 'In Memory of Elizabeth Reed', the young Duane Betts, Dickey's son, which is now an official member of the 'Great Southern Band' ; Duane Betts has the special family guitar touch. On this DVD we can watch previously unreleased and interesting interviews : Dickey talks about many subjects, like the Allmans, his first gig, how he worked with Duane Allman and Berry Oakley, his guitar style, songs like 'Jessica', 'Elizabeth Reed', 'Ramblin' Man' etc… We also have a nice gift 'Rehearsal Footage', with wonderful rehearsal sessions and we can watch an incredible three-guitar version of 'Blue Sky' and 'Southbound' (Dickey, Dan Toler and Duane Betts on guitars). There is also a bonus 5 song audio-cd, with the song 'Donna Marie'. So, finally, this DVD can prove us how good and gifted Dickey Betts is, and how he was able to play for so long. Sometimes we can regret some things about the Allman's, but it is not because of this great and giant Southern Rock legend !

John Molet

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